In very exciting news, On Division was chosen to be San Francisco's One Bay One Book selection for 2019- 2020. 


[Goldie] Goldbloom, who is herself Chasidic, writes with great depth of feeling about this close community but also with humor. . . She shows the joy of belonging to a community as well as the feelings of frustration at its strictures. How can a community bind itself together? How can one person ever truly know another? Goldbloom explores complicated questions about community and individuality with humor, wit, and great sensitivity."

Reader, prepare thyself: you will soon be in Surie’s grip, and she will forever intrigue you with her fierceness and vulnerability, her honesty and self-deception, and her tender, brutal heart filled with both longing and rage. In this achingly suspenseful novel of satisfying psychological depth, Goldie Goldbloom asks what happens when the ones we know most intimately become strangers, and when one of those strangers is oneself.” 
—Christopher Castellani, author of Leading Men

Goldie Goldbloom’s Surie is a character at once mythic and deeply human: a wise Chassidic elder in a youthful predicament, freighted by loss, denial, and blossoming hope. On Division is as beautiful as it is unexpected.”
—Claire Messud, author of The Burning Girl




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