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Goldie Goldbloom

Hi! I am a person who likes to do creative things. Some of the creative things I like to do are:

build stuff
make costumes
sing to my chickens
play with my 8 kids

Call me Goldie. Everybody does.

I spend most of my time writing stories and helping other people write stories too.

My first book, The Paperbark Shoe, is about an Australian farm wife during World War II. I wrote a collection of short stories called You Lose These, that’s been called dark and twisted. If you like that kind of thing.

My most recent novel is called Gwen. In it, you can read about the life of Gwen John, a bohemian artist in 1904 Paris, who falls in love with Auguste Rodin and gets up to a lot of shenanigans that you might not have thought Victorian women got up to.

If you want to read my longer bio, be my guest.

Whatever you do, though, you should check out the video of me singing to my chickens.

Me and Pete

Goldie Goldbloom